Nuru Massage and Body Awareness: Promoting a Deeper Connection with Oneself

Updated on November 30, 2023 by Ayelisa

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Nuru massage is an old-age body therapy started in Japan. It is different from other traditional massage methods as it adds a touch of sensuality, beneficial for forming body and soul combinations. Aside from offering physical benefits, Nuru massage also embraces the magic of human connection and intimacy. 

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What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is a type of sensual body therapy that originated in Japan. It uses Nuru gel so that the therapist will have a smoother base to start massaging.

The difference between a Nuru massage and other traditional body therapies is that the former has a unique practice of using other parts of the masseuse’s body, including their legs, arms, and torso. This body-to-body connection enhances relaxation, sensuality, and body awareness. 

Nuru massage is a sensual and unique way to start your relaxation journey. It makes you feel deeply relaxed and confident about your body while loosening your tight muscles and alleviating stress.  

Why is Body Awareness Important?

Being more aware of your body lets you know how to better take care of it. In addition, better body awareness means a happier and more fulfilling life. 

Body awareness means you understand your body. However, it is not as easy as it may sound. When you genuinely know your body, you start to know and understand how it moves and interacts with the environment as you grow, and so does our body awareness, which leads to more controlled movements. 

Being aware of your body is essential as it can significantly influence your daily life. Knowing the right way to sit, stand, walk, or lift heavy objects can prevent muscle pain, imbalances, or injuries often caused by not knowing the right techniques. 

Strengthening Emotional Connection with Yourself

Nuru massage helps in improving human connections. It has been proven that direct body contact with a Nuru massage therapist and the patient can create a solid emotional connection. 

When you have a strong emotional connection with yourself, you can be your true self, feel safe enough to be more vulnerable, and genuinely enjoy your time alone. Strengthening your emotional connection also means that you can speak what’s on your mind without the fear of judgment. 

Aside from the physical benefits brought by Nuru massage, this therapy can also promote deep relaxation and a better understanding of yourself. The massage’s sensual nature has been proven to improve emotional health and relit intimacy and mind-body connection. 

Nuru Body Slide for a More Relaxing Nuru Massage

With the popularity of Nuru massage, many spas and parlors started to offer their own Nuru practice. However, not all of them give you an authentic Nuru experience. 

Fortunately, Nuru Las Vegas, which is headed by Ayelisa, focuses on helping you be more connected and confident in your body. She uses original Nuru gel, which has an added therapeutic effect on your thoughts and feelings. 

What makes Nuru Body Slide stand out from the rest is that Ayelisa uses her full body to give you the most sensual and erotic body massage experience. This direct body-to-body interaction has many benefits, including better sensuality, improved body awareness, and more. 

Ayelisa will use every part of her body to ensure that every inch of your skin is caressed and massaged. This connection between you and Aleyisa will deepen your understanding and knowledge about yourself. With every minute that passes, you will feel more refreshed, and a new energy is flowing from the outside to the inside. It will release blocked energy and tension that restricts you from understanding yourself better.

Every session you book with Ayelisa means a new way of Nuru massage is prepared for you. She listens to your body’s needs, which ensures a more relaxing session. If you are searching for a Nuru massage company that will help you be more connected with yourself, Nuru Body Slide and Ayelisa are here to help you. 


Many are still struggling with low body awareness, especially the ladies. However, there are several ways to deepen your connection with yourself, including Nuru massage. 

This unique body-to-body therapy in Japan offers multiple benefits that go beyond just mere physical relaxation. It also helps to boost your confidence, mind-and-soul connection, and more. 

If you are searching for a good masseuse to give you a relaxing Nuru massage, do not hesitate to visit Nuru Body Slide. Ayelisa is an expert in this type of body massage and will surely guide you to better and deeper body awareness.

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