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We got undressed and she set up the bed for the nuru glide. We did some passionate dfk and I played with her wonderful tits. She has the most fantastic nipples ever. They are responsive, erect and just a pleasure to handle. She started ther nuru with me on my back and it was as pleasurable an experience as I have had in a massage situation. WONDERFUL! She had me turn over and slide up and down, played with the boys and teased junior. What a touch and what a mouth. She put her tits in my face and asked what I wanted or was expecting. I said I love daty and she said that she would enjoy that. Wow, did she. She has a wonderful pussy to lick, already wet and willing and so responsive. I spent a wonderfully long time there til she came. Unfortunately, after that I had to cut the session short to meet friends. I will not make that mistake next time. I want to spend as much time as possible with Ayelisa next time. VIPs, she is a dream who knows how to please, has a great time doing it and makes sure you enjoy it even more. She is a JEWEL you want yo meet. Believe me, you will be impressed!


This was one of the best experiences I've ever had. She looked great, was friendly, easy and fun to talk to, and knew exactly what she was doing. I've tried nuru massage once previously, but Ayelisa has turned it into an art form. I'll see her again whenever I get the chance.

- MadCityGuy

Second time with Ayelisa and I had to comment. Not only amazing I mistakingly have her to much money which she brought to my attention. Not only is she one of the hardest working woman she is also honest.

She was my first NURU and I was nervous but she calmed my nerves by putting my hands on her naked breasts - yes that did the trick!

We met at a local hotel, had a drink in the lobby and up we went.

I was CRAZY nervous but she was a pro calmed my nerves and we got to the massage.

She brought everything needed, she gave me a very erotic shower and once we were both clean we got into the room.

You start face down and she slides all over you. I never imagined how amazing a woman's naked body slidding all over you would feel.

Her body is tone, breasts are perky and amazing and once she flips you on your back its lights out. Nuru gel, breasts, hands ...everything.

I did the 120 min and she took her time and timed everything perfect until the explosive end.

My first GFE experience and it does not get better then this. TRUST ME don't walk run!!!

I have done 3 sessions following all equally consistent and amazing.


I scheduled a session with Ayelisa via email, after seeing her post on a local board. I was interested in experiencing nuru, and her reviews were pretty good. It was easy to schedule, light screening process, and confirmation through email and text. I arrived at location and texted her, she provided room number and off I went. Got to room and was greeted by a sexy attractive woman with a great smile. She had on a nice sexy little outfit, and after a brief chat. She was undressing me and she disrobed as well. She starts me off with a nice shower, preparing me for the nuru massage. After the brief shower she leads me to bed, where she applies the nuru gel to the mattress, she has me lay face down and start providing a wonderful massage. The uses the gel and her body and rubs and slides across my back and legs, she uses different parts of her body to do so. This goes on for about 25 minutes then she has me roll over and works on my front, rubbing and sliding across me, and then getting my cock to full attention. She strokes and then takes my cock into her mouth and provides an excellent BBBJ, paying attention to the boys as well. She is skilled and knows how to work it. The it was my turn and I wanted to go down on her, she is tasty, clean and quite responsive and I got her to climax a couple of times. After a couple of minutes for her to catch her breath, she went back to more BBBJ and then I wanted to fuck her. On with the bag, she got on me and started to ride me, then we switched to doggie and finished in the mish position, where I couldn't hold on any longer and blew my load in the bag. She said she will be back in the fall and I plan to visit her then. It was fun adn different, but she is a great provider.

- Bostonboy

She props open the door so I don't have to knock. I opened the door to a seductively lit room and Ayelisa in her robe. She helped me get settled in and take my clothes off so we could hop in the shower. She soaped me up and cleaned my body, focusing on my cock and balls and my ass. After we got out, Ayelisa offered me some water. She's a great host and tries to make you feel comfortable.

Time for the massage so I laid face down on the special sheet while she mounted my back and covered us in the gel. Ayelisa doesn't skimp on the massage, she does more for my back with her ass muscles than most people can do with their hands. It was great and relieved a lot of tension. Before the flip, Ayelisa had me lift my hips so she could prop me up with her legs and rub all over my cock and balls. Finally, she had flip over and she begins by adding more gel and rubbing her body on mine. My dick was fully erect and she would rub it at the same pace as her body was sliding on mine. It felt like a sensory overload. Then I watched as she slid down and slowly took my cock into her mouth. She likes to take her time and play with it before she really goes to town, taking me deep. Then she slides up and asked what I wanted to do next and I told her I needed to fuck her. She happily got a cover for me and slowly mounted my dick. Once I was fully inside her, she took over and rode my dick with purpose. She was definitely hitting the right spot and moaned as she came on me hard. She paused for a moment to catch her breath and then continued to ride me and locked into my pleasure. We ended up cumming at the same time and collapsing on the bed for a couple minutes. Then we took a second shower together to clean up and talked about her travels and her homemade chocolate. I got dressed and handed her the donation before getting and hug and heading out.

Ayelisa is a professional in this unique service. Go see her if you get the chance. Time with her is well worth it.


Ayelisa is sweet girl. She has natural breast, perky, 34/36 cup, soft skin, awesome personality. She is the girl in the picture. She will do light screening, you need to prepare for reference or give out some work information. Once it is clear she will setup time and place. Her Nuru technique is excellent and most importantly her gentle attitude during the session. I feel very comfortable and relax. She is really worth it, I will see her again definitely.

- Luvcg

I ented the hotel room, which Ayelisa had set up for the nuru massage session with a waterproof cover on the bed and the nuru gel mixed and warming. Ayelisa was a sexy women, with a pretty face and a curvy, soft yet toned body. Yummy!

We took a warm shower together which was not only a nice opportunity to feel each other's bodies but is also a preparation for the nuru massage. After leaving the shower, we did not towel off to keep the moisture on our bodies. I lay face down on the bed and Ayelisa got to work. She applied the warm (almost hot) nuru gel to my body and massaged me first with her hands and then with her body, mostly her ass. This must have lasted about 30 minutes and it was relaxing yet stimulating. With me still face down, she lifted my hips, put thighs on top of her thighs while she sat between my legs, and massaged my dick and balls with the nuru gel, which was heavenly.

Flipping me over, she first massaged my chest and then concentrated on my dick and balls. She encouraged me to massage her large and firm tits. Between the visuals, the feel and the stimulation, it didn't take long to cum. After some time to rest, we showered again to remove the nuru gel, I got dressed and departed.

Ayelisa is a babe and hottie who give a great session. Definitely I would like to repeat.

- RLR11743


I saw that Ayelisa was in town and was interested in the nuru massage, which I had experienced once previously from a different provider. Due to my schedule, I was unable to request an appointment until a few hours beforehand, but she found a time for me and texted the location. I arrived promptly at her hotel room and was greeted by a fit, attractive woman wearing a see-through negligee. She had a device going in the room that perfumed the air with an aromatic mist. After a brief hug and conversation, she invited me to step into the bathroom where we showered together, after which she took me to the bed which was already set up with a plastic covering. She began applying warm nuru liquid to my back and massaging me with her hands and full body. I left her in total control of the session, and she knew exactly what she was doing, In addition to being very sensual, it would have been a good nonsexual massage -- but it was very sexual.

Eventually she had me roll over to my front and began to kiss my chest and neck while stroking, squeezing and sliding over my penis and other parts of my body. She spent some time on a BBBJ and then slid on a condom before climbing on top for some straight-ahead fucking that was smooth, athletic and awesomely erotic. Sometimes condoms interfere with the sensation for me, so after awhile I asked her to remove the condom and finish me off by hand. The final orgasm was like that slow-building crescendo at the end of "A Day in the Life." I've never had a sexual experience like that. It was fantastic. I also enjoyed her body. She is in great shape and has large breasts with very pronounced, teaseable nipples that I enjoyed playing with.

We also had a great conversation. I left feeling stimulated, satisfied and relaxed. I just wish she lived here permanently so I could see her on a regular basis.

- MadCityGuy

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