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By Ayelisa
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Why Choose Me for Your Pittsburgh Nuru Massage?

As a Nuru massage specialist who travels to Pittsburgh throughout the year, I provide Nuru services while I'm in the area. My services provide a unique and intimate experience that caters to a clientele seeking both relaxation and a touch of the exotic. With a professional kit in tow, I offer a transcendent escape through the art of Nuru massage. My hands are adept, moving with precision and grace, and your practice is not just a service but a performance of wellness artistry that leaves a lasting impression of serenity.

While I offer my services full time in Las Vegas, I frequent Pittsburg quite a bit. If you're interested in my Nuru services, please join my touring list below to be kept up to date on when I can service you. I am looking forward to hearing from you and can't wait to be in touch. Thank you!

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Welcome to NuruBodySlide, a premier Nuru massage experience in Las Vegas and in your city while touring, by the talented and very experienced Ayelisa. Indulge in the exquisite sensation of body slides with real Nuru gel to an unforgettable climax. logothe erotic review badge