What is Nuru Massage?

Updated on August 30, 2023 by Ayelisa

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Hi, I am Ayelisa, an expert Nuru Massage Therapist and I am here to explain what that is for you. Maybe you've tried dozens of erotic massages but feel unfulfilled afterward. Let me show you the intimacy you have been missing and blow your mind with something truly unique and exciting.

Nuru massage is an erotic massage like no other. It's sensual—tickling your body and your senses as our bodies glide together with a slippery substance called "Nuru." I'm sure you'll fall in love with it and keep asking for more! While I offer my services in Las Vegas, I tour around the country, so if you're interested in learning more about Nuru, just drop me a message or continue reading the info below.

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Nuru Massage Explained

Originating from Japan, "Nuru" is a Japanese word for "slippery." With that in mind, expect a full-body contact massage with your massage therapist using an ultra-slippery gel derived from a type of seaweed in Japan. This gel has a slippery texture that enhances the glide and touch between the bodies.

Unlike a traditional massage such as Shiatsu or Swedish massage, Nuru massages offer uniquely erotic and pleasurable sensations through body techniques that will send shivers to your spine, and heighten your senses, while ensuring that you achieve relaxation and comfort brought about by this erotic massage.

Nuru Massage Benefits

Nuru massage has many benefits compared to any erotic massage known to the Western world. It's no wonder why this massage technique from Japan is gaining traction and popularity from many patrons.

Through the use of the gel and sliding and gliding my naked skin along your entire body, you will surely enjoy heightened sensory experiences. Most of my clients also find that the moment they lay down on the massage table and experience this massage, the stress melts away as the seaweed-based gel applied on the entire body relieves tension and stress.

If you're having blood circulation problems, my massage is just what you need. The gentle pressure and stroking movements I perform on your body stimulate blood flow and release toxins, aiding in better health. It's also good for the skin as the gel I use moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and supple. I never use lotion or oil, as compared to an ordinary massage.

Apart from the many health benefits that Nuru can bring to your body, this erotic massaging technique aims to improve emotional connections. We can play with your partner which will help you explore intimacy and sensuality in a safe and controlled environment.

Tips for Nuru Massages

Firstly, we should have an open conversation regarding your comfort level, our boundaries, and any specific preferences that you may have. This ensures that your experience is aligned with your expectations.

Consent is crucial for me. If, at any point you feel uncomfortable or want to adjust the intensity or pace of massage, this should be addressed right away. Hygiene is also important for me. As we are going skin-to-skin it's important that we are clean and hygienic before we start our session.

Also, it’s best if you are fully hydrated as the nuru gel responds well to hydrated skin. You can expect new highly slippery sensations. The bed will be protected by a waterproof sheet. An air mattress is never used so that proper leverage is available for the most erotic body to body massage.

Lastly, just enjoy the experience! While the experience varies from one person to another, you will surely relax afterward. Some even claim that this has been the start of a magical and spiritual journey for them. I'd love for you to find it out yourself.

Nuru Massage FAQ

Nuru massages have varying levels of sensuality and intimacy, and most but not all are sexual. It can be enjoyed with any partner, regardless of their sexual orientations, as it's a great way to relax and ease your tense muscles.

What is Nuru Massage Gel?

Nuru massage gel is a special type of slippery gel originating from Japan. It's derived from a type of seaweed called "Nori" a nutrient and mineral-rich aquatic plant commonly used in Japanese cuisine.

I love using this because it's colorless, odorless, and water-based making it much easier for me to glide and touch during the session. Plus, cleaning it up is a breeze. I can't wait for you to try it out!

How Much Do Nuru Massages Cost?

Nuru massages typically start at $300 for a 45-minute session but can go as high as $3,000 for 4 hours for my in-call VIP rate in Las Vegas. View my Nuru rates.

Are Nuru Massages Legal?

Since you are paying me for my time, and not what I do, it is considered legal. While Nuru massage is considered erotic and sensual, it doesn't always end up in sex and either party can choose how we spend our time together.

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Owner & Nuru Massage Therapist
Ayelisa is a distinguished Nuru massage virtuoso with an illustrious career spanning over two decades in Las Vegas and other US cities. Specializing in the transformative art of Nuru massage, Ayelisa seamlessly merges her profound therapeutic skills with a nuanced understanding of the mind-body connection, curating an experience that transcends mere relaxation. Whether for locals or travelers, Ayelisa's dedication to nurturing the body and soul makes her an esteemed and sought-after presence, inviting all to embark on a journey of self-renewal under her skilled and intuitive care.

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Welcome to NuruBodySlide, a premier Nuru massage experience in Las Vegas and in your city while touring, by the talented and very experienced Ayelisa. Indulge in the exquisite sensation of body slides with real Nuru gel to an unforgettable climax.
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