What Does Nuru Mean?

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Want to learn more about Nuru's origins and what you can learn from this sensual relaxation therapy? Continue reading or contact us to learn more about Nuru and why you should be doing this soon!

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What is the Meaning of the Word Nuru?

Nuru has different meanings globally. For example, in Nigeria, this may refer to one of the most common baby names. It mostly refers to the Hausa language in Nigeria mostly fit for a baby boy. It can also be attributed to its Arabic origin of "noor" meaning "light." It is often used in a spiritual or metaphorical sense, representing illumination or divine light.

In its Japanese form, it means "wet" or "slippery, which may refer to the nature of the erotic massage. This type of massage often involves a sensual masseuse or masseur performing a body-to-body massage to relax their client.

The lubricant used could be a special gel, but most often it refers to nuru gel, a type of slick lubricant that is derived from the Japanese seaweed. The nuru specialist performing a body-to-body massage may stimulate the senses of their client by stroking or rubbing particular sensitive body parts (this may vary from person to person,) and produce a highly satisfying and erotic experience

Nowadays, Nuru massage is not only exclusive to Japan but can be found worldwide. A quick search of Nuru Massage Las Vegas, for example, and you will be directed to hundreds if not thousands of results that may refer to a nuru specialist or Nuru massage parlor where you can receive this relaxing yet sexually stimulating sensual therapy.

Does NuruBodySlide Provide Nuru Massages?

NuruBodySlide offers quality body-to-body nuru massage that remains faithful to the traditional practice originating from Japan. You can choose the specialist you prefer and experience "enlightenment" from this titillating service.

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Owner & Nuru Massage Therapist
Ayelisa is a distinguished Nuru massage virtuoso with an illustrious career spanning over two decades in Las Vegas and other US cities. Specializing in the transformative art of Nuru massage, Ayelisa seamlessly merges her profound therapeutic skills with a nuanced understanding of the mind-body connection, curating an experience that transcends mere relaxation. Whether for locals or travelers, Ayelisa's dedication to nurturing the body and soul makes her an esteemed and sought-after presence, inviting all to embark on a journey of self-renewal under her skilled and intuitive care.

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Welcome to NuruBodySlide, a premier Nuru massage experience in Las Vegas and in your city while touring, by the talented and very experienced Ayelisa. Indulge in the exquisite sensation of body slides with real Nuru gel to an unforgettable climax.
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