How to Give a Nuru Massage

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Whether you're thinking of surprising your partner with an erotic massage or you're aspiring to get into the profession yourself, you might be wondering how to give a Nuru massage. Whatever your motivation is, it's important to learn the basics and understand the philosophy behind this Asian sensual massage.

NuruBodySlide is your ultimate Las Vegas Nuru massage specialist. In this article, we'll jump into the basics of Nuru massage and what it entails. If you're interested in booking a Nuru massage, please contact us. Read on and learn more about this beautiful and extremely erotic art form.

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What is a Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is a unique and intimate form of erotic massage from Japan involving the use of specially formulated Nuru gel that is derived from seaweed extract.

Nuru in Nihonggo is "wet" or "slippery" which is fitting in the application of Nuru massage techniques. Nuru massage specialist uses body-to-body motion to give a satisfying and erotic massage that transcends traditional massage techniques.

Both the giver and the receiver can have an enjoyable nuru massage experience from the intimate feeling they get from being wet and slick as their bodies slide against each other. This unique massage style has caught on worldwide, and now thousands are loving the deep relaxation and sensory pleasure it offers.

Is Giving a Nuru Massage Hard?

Giving Nuru massages requires a certain mastery and skill to ensure seamless and sensual gliding to unlock an ultimate pleasurable experience. A skilled Nuru massage practitioner must be able to perform consistent strokes and gliding movements, along with being confident and at ease with providing physical and emotional intimacy to ensure their client fully enjoys the experience.

It helps if the professional nuru massage specialist has an agile and flexible body to execute this captivating and sensual form of massage successfully.

Luckily, you can learn this massage style by enrolling in a professional course, where you'll be taught the correct methods for Nuru massage preparation, various techniques for relaxation and stress reduction, and the appropriate etiquette. This training will equip you to offer a truly memorable Nuru massage experience to your clients.

Step-by-Step Guide to Giving a Nuru Massage

Here is a general guide on how Nuru massage is performed. But do take note that to give the proper experience when performing nuru sensual massage, you must undergo proper training and certification and must ensure that you are following local laws and regulations, especially when this is done professionally.

Pick the Real NURU Gel

It's important to always utilize authentic and high-quality Nuru gel. Unlike a massage oil, Nuru gel is water-based, odorless, tasteless, and extremely slippery. The Nuru gel amplifies sensations especially when applied to a slippery and silky surface (namely one's entire body) that most may find deeply relaxing and extremely erotic.

Remember to only buy from legitimate suppliers such as Nuru massage centers or manufacturers selling a Nuru massage kit to ensure its quality as a fake massage gel may cause irritations and skin problems in the long run.

Prepare the Room

For further heightened sensory stimulation, you can change the room's lighting with ambient lights that provide a warm and inviting glow. Avoid using harsh lighting and keep it dark and cool, to promote relaxation. Keep the room's temperature at an optimal level—meaning it's neither too warm nor too cold for you and your client's comfort.

Make sure to use clean sheets if you are performing the massage session on the bed. When using a massage table, always ensure that the surface is clean and free from dust or dirt so that it won't mix with the massage gel. You can also apply relaxation aromatherapy, such as lavender and other soothing scents as essential oil promotes relaxation.

Ensure that your massage space is a safe and consensual environment as this can enhance relaxation and confidence in the recipient even further.

Get Undressed

Nuru massage requires both the giver and the receiver to be naked. Otherwise, you won't be able to harness the true benefit of nuru massages.

You both need to have clean bodies before this type of massage takes place not only to ensure cleanliness but also since the massage therapist will perform close body-to-body movements. Grime and dirt on your body will make the process ineffective as the pleasurable nuru gel needs a slippery and frictionless surface.

Since this is an intimate and rejuvenating experience, you must also have good and proper hygiene, especially in regard to the partner you are performing it with.

Apply Nuru Gel

When applying Nuru gel on your and your partner's body, make sure to warm the Nuru gel slightly by rubbing it between your hands. As the pleasurable nuru gel adds extra slickness to the slippery surface, make sure that it is well applied so that you or the therapist can perform a thorough front body massage.

Use Your Body

To elevate the sensual experience from Nuru sensual massage, use your entire body to touch and massage the recipient. It involves an even and deliberate sliding and gliding motion. You must ensure that the skin is properly gelled to have an even smooth texture.

You can ask the recipient or client where their erogenous zone is so you can focus on applying gentle pressure on these areas for ultimate stress relief and a deeply titillating experience. This type of massage is deeply intimate, promoting sensual exploration, unlike conventional massages, so it's best to figure out what your recipient's preferences are.

Rotate the Recipient's Body

Changing the orientation of your recipient's body is important as this massage elevates relaxation and erotic sensations through a mindful and present touch. The massage starts with the giver either seated or standing, using slow and purposeful movements, always making sure that the recipient is comfortable throughout the session.

Closing Ceremony

The massage concludes as the giver gradually reduces the intensity of their touch. You must caress and glide on the entire body soothingly making sure that the recipient still feels comfortable without breaking their deep relaxation.

You can leave them for a few minutes as they relax, taking in the room with the ambient Nuru massage lighting and the exotic and floral scent from the essential oil lamp or aroma diffuser.

What Makes Nuru Massage Unique?

Nuru massage traces back to Japan and has evolved through the years to where the art has improved a great deal. Unlike other massages, this type of massage uses slow, deliberate gliding and sliding movements that require the bodies of the therapist and the client to touch.

A special gel is used instead of using oils or creams to massage the body. The Nuru gel's unique properties create an incredibly silky and smooth surface perfect for fluid movements. There are many benefits from this erotic massage apart from soothing tense muscles.

Nuru massage today is a perfect alternative for practicing intimacy creatively.

The Practitioner’s Approach

The practitioner's approach when giving nuru massages should be one where professionalism, respect, proper hygiene, and clear, open communication are observed. Attention to detail should also be a primary consideration.

As more people learn about this sensual massage art form, massage is accessible now in many parts of the country. It's not surprising to find "Nuru Massage Las Vegas" or "Nuru Massage Los Angeles" with the help of a quick Google search.

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